Student Project Listing 2000-2001 BME 272-273
(Cells with a green background are password protected due to potential patent issues)
Aqua Background = Arnold Prize Winner
Student(s) Advisor Project Title
1 Greg Wempe Dr. Bob Galloway Tracked Bipolar Stimulator
2 Michelle Malone
Melissa Garrity
Dr. Tim Holman Glucose Control System for Diabetics
3 David Thomas Dr. Bob West Muscle Biofeedback Device Development
4 Kelly Howisey
Katie Murinas
Dr. Marc Lin Building a Realistic Heart Model with Correct Muscle Fiber Orientation
5 Jessica Cullen
Amy Dassler
Sue Desai
Julie Foss, RN
Dr. Allen Kaiser
Fall Prevention Design
6 Holly Bonar
Matt Kergosien
Dr. Ted Larson Micro-Catheter Redesign
David Bach
Damon Tomlin
Russ Waitman Cardiac Data Integration & Interface

Michael Albainy
Nathan Rajalingam

 Dr. Paul Harris Nutritional Database for the CRC
9 Sarah Hembree
Ryan Ruehl
Dr. Raul Guzman Surgical Suture Pack Opening System
10 Agnella Izzo Dr. Paul Harris CRC database
11 Brian Chow
Joy Nystrom
Russ Johnson Finger tip controlled otologic instruments
12 Rasheeda Stephens Dr. Doris Quinn Improving Front Desk Processes at the Vanderbilt Cancer Center
13 Heather Sweeney
Charles Artime
Kit Eward
Suzanne Flanary
Dr. Bill Walsh Validation of Pulse Oximeter for Neonates
14 Hunter Lauten
Carlos Go Boncan
Mr. Richard Fries Emergency Ventilator Design
15 BJ Johnson Ms Nancy Darr Design of an ambulatory brace for a child with spinabifida
16 Whit Miller Dr. J. S. Williams Noninvasive Stroke Prevention
17 Jerome Santoyo
Jessica Yeager
Mr. Richard Fries Automated Ambu Bag
18 Stephanie Beatrous
Snehal Patel
Samar Sharma
Dr. D. Wasserman Design of a Skeletal Muscle Capillary Blood Flow Meter
19 Lauren Sims Dr. B. Walsh  Web-based neonatal ventilator monitoring 
20 Jennifer Cheng
Nasir Siddiqui
Dr. Al Reynolds
Mark McQuain
An Automated DNA Microarray Washer
21 Purnima Patel
Shiv Tumkur
Dr. Doris Quinn Process Analysisof the VUMC oral surgery clinic
22 Matthew Schiefer Dr. Duco Jansen Spectral Image-Guided Laser Ablation of Tumor Tissue
23 Sarah Holloway
Satyen Saraswat
Dr. Edward Glaser Heel Cord Lengthening Assist Device
24 Bryan Yoder
Jeremy Bartels
Kevin Robinson Measurement of Rotational Velocity and Direction in Fastpitch Softball
25 Adam Broslat Dr. Kevin Strange Development of an Isolated C. elegan preparation
26 Jennifer Medicus
Melissa Torres
Mike Vaughn Ready To Use Products For Infants And Toddlers
27 Eric Hennessy Dr. Paul Harris Enhancing distribution of GCRC databases to Vanderbilt medical personnel via web publishing
28 Logan Clements Dr. Paul Harris GCRC Study Database Wizard
29 Peter Kilfoil Dr. Duco Jansen Pulse counter for surgical Free Electron Laser